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The mission of the Forever YES! Peer Mentor TEAM is to assist young people with disabilities to: Transition, Empower, Aspire, and Motivate themselves into becoming their personal best.

The Forever YES! Peer Mentor TEAM travels to special education classrooms in 16 Jefferson and 3 Bullitt County High schools. The Forever YES! Mentor TEAM is led by transition services staff from Options Unlimited, Inc., and the peer mentor team from the Forever YES! program.

Every mentor on the Forever YES! Mentor Team is a person with a disability. They have personally experienced the trials and tribulations that having a disability has brought into their lives. Their lived experience serves as a tool for guiding youth and young adults as they begin to navigate their future.

Through guided discussion and interactive participation, the Forever YES! Peer Mentor Team educates, assists, and guides students with disabilities in learning the skills needed to help take charge of their life, gain independence, advocate for themselves, and successfully participate in school, employment, recreation, and other community activities.

The foundation of the program is Self-awareness, Self-determination, and Self-advocacy. Knowing who you are, making decisions and being able to advocate for yourself are keys to success for people with disabilities and the earlier these lessons are taught, the success is even greater!

Welcome to Forever YES! Your Empowered Self-advocates!

  • Are you a teenager, young adult, or an adult with a disability? (Intellectual, developmental, neurological, mental, physical or other disability)
  • Do you want to feel empowered and be a self-advocate?
  • Do you want to meet friends, learn social skills, and have fun?

YES! Was founded in 2010 by three parents who wanted their teenagers with disabilities to learn what self-advocacy is and how to be a strong self-advocate throughout their life. With passion and dedication, the program has evolved and grown and now, Forever YES! serves over 300 youth, young adults, and adults with disabilities in Jefferson and surrounding counties.

Self-advocacy is knowing how to speak up for yourself, understanding who you are, and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. It is knowing your likes and dislikes and knowing what you can and cannot do. It is making decisions and setting personal goals for yourself. Self-advocacy is being able to effectively communicate your wants and needs to other people.

Knowing who you are, making decisions and being able to advocate for yourself are the keys to success for people with disabilities.


Forever YES! is Self-awareness, Self-determination, and Self-advocacy. It is a Positive, Personal Development Program and Forever YES! Is YOU!


We host monthly meetings, social outings, an annual Talent Show, Fun Holiday events, and more!