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Mon – Fri: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Connect with Our Staff and Departments

Main Office: Bullitt County – (502) 955-7271

Executive Director: Willie Byrd, williebyrd@gmail.com​

Employment Program Director: Brian Stinnett, brian.stinnett@gmail.com

Business Manager: Dawn Cross, dawncross.options@gmail.com

STEP Program Manager: Rachel Lee, rachellee.options@gmail.com

Ticket To Work: Dawn Cross, dawncross.options@gmail.com

Day Program Director: Rebekah Denault, rebekah.denault.options@gmail.com

Assistant DPD: Heather Reynolds, heather.reynolds.options@gmail.com

UPS Training Learning Center: Libby Gootee, libby.gootee@gmail.com

  • TLC Training Coordinator: Libby Gootee, libby.gootee@gmail.com
  • TLC Staff: Michelle Ramsey, michelle.ramsey.options@gmail.com

Bullitt County Employment Staff:

Jefferson County Downtown Office Employment Staff:

  • Bonnie Andaya, bonnieandaya@gmail.com
  • Audra Shutt, audra.shutt19@gmail.com

Shelbyville Office Employment Staff: 

  • Trish Gheen Goins, trishgheengoins@gmail.com
  • Sydney Reading, sreading.options@gmail.com